wear your 

pride wear 

them proud.

Walk The Talk.

Nike is a brand of "Just Do It" which is why we present a shoe that says exactly that.
2020 is the year for change, so this presidential election cast your ballot and get these 
shoes to help you walk forward as you leave a footprint behind saying you took a stand and voted. 


The Shoe

Nothing says "I Voted" like wearing the colors of your flag. With a minimalistic design, we recreated the colors of the American flag onto the shoe.


This shoe is also to show others that you voted and to encourage others as well to vote.

A shoe only available for those who are brave enough to make a change. 

vote back.png

vote now.

The back of the shoe will say "vote" encouraging 

others to vote as well. We also have made these

shoes to be blue on red or red on blue. 

based on your preference

nike board.png
nike prints and board 4 copy (dragged) 3
nike prints and board 4 copy (dragged) 2
free mockup 1.png
nike prints and board 4 copy (dragged) 6
Scene 2.png
nike prints and board 4 copy (dragged) 5
billboard 1.png
nike prints and board 4 copy (dragged) 8


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