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Art Director at Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Nike Walk The Talk

Actions speak louder than words, in a time where we most needed action we helped Gen Z put their vote where they're mouth is. 


The Shoe. 

Nothing says "I Voted" like wearing the colors
of your flag. With a minimalistic design, we recreated
the colors of the American flag onto the shoe.

This shoe is also to show others that you voted
and to encourage others as well to vote.

A shoe only available for those who are brave enough
to make a change. 

Vote Now. 

In order to purchase the shoes you have to cast your 
ballot, posers are not aloud.

vote back.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 9.49.50 PM.jpg
nike prints and board 4 copy (dragged) 6
Nike_01.jpg (18).gif
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